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                CNBM International

                ÖĞÎÄ | English

                Current Location: Home >> Business >> Machinery >> Construction Machinery

                In 2006, the successful introduction of first batch of CNBM-CMAX tower cranes to Middle East market; and the second year, one-time delivery of five units of 16 ton capacity tower crane with undercarriage and travelling system to new industrial zone in Dubai; and the third year, we signed the exclusive agent agreement for CMAX construction hoist with the locally most famous construction machinery company in Dubai; in 2009, the successful trial development in potential markets, such as , Nigeria, India, Canada and other new markets. Gradually, CNBM establishes an international brand of construction machinery - CNBM-CMAX in the global market.

                CNBM Construction machinery includes: tower cranes, building hoist, hydraulic jacking bridge, curved and inclined building hoist, paving machines, loaders, bulldozers, excavators and etc.

                • Excavator
                • Road Roller
                • Wheel Loader
                • Tower Crane
                • Building Hoist
                • Block Making Machine