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                CNBM International

                ÖĞÎÄ | English

                Current Location: Home >> Business >> Building Materials >> Adhesive Tape

                After years of exploitation and accumulation, adhesive tape business of CNBM International has been growing steadily. The application of our product range covers both industrial filed and consuming field and our customers spread all over the world including Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Oceania

                CNBM supplies various types of adhesive tapes with different carriers and adhesive types based on customers' requirements. Our main products include D/S cloth tape, D/S tissue tape, D/S foam tape, D/S PET tape, D/S OPP tape, cloth tape, aluminum foil tape, single sided foam tape, PE protective tape and kraft paper tape etc. Products with good quality and stuff with professionalism ensure our customers to get one-stop service.

                Cherishing the faith of "customers' needs come first" and relying on the profound strength and repute of CNBM Group, we are dedicated to realizing bigger growth in both scale and profit by strengthening the influence of our brand and developing high-end and environmental friendly products in line with our strategy of "Green Development".

                • Foam Tape
                • Double Sided Tape
                • Masking Tape
                • Aluminum Foil Tape
                • Bag Sealing Tape
                • Cloth Tape
                • Packaging Tape